ID Senior Studio

INDUS 408 Industrial Design Senior Studio – California College of the Arts

Course Description
Senior thesis is an opportunity to define yourself. We are here to discover who you really want to be as a designer and as a person. We are searching for a stepping-stone in a turbulent stream. The next decade in human history will be a defining moment. This is our unique opportunity to be a contributing force in our time.

Design has also played a contributing role to many of the world’s ills – depletion of the world’s resources, massive landfills, greenhouse gases melting ice caps, obesity and diabetes just to mention of few. In short, we live in a designed world – good or bad. Evolution is no longer natural, it is directed in part by the designer. The designer is a creator but perhaps more importantly than ever a designer needs to be an editor. A world, not with more stuff, just a world with the right stuff.

Design is an act of curation. What is your vision of our future?

Graduate Teaching Assistant.